Quocirca Print Security Landscape, 2020

What are the key trends for the print security in 2020 and beyond?


of ITDMs say they are completely confident in the security of their print infrastructure, down from 33% before the COVID-19 pandemic


have had a data loss due to print security failures in the past six
months compared to 66% in the 12 months preceding the onset of the pandemic.


expect print security spend to increase in the next 12 months


have a formal procedure to respond to print security incidents but only 34% have implemented a zero trust architecture and integration with a SIEM platform


of ITDMs consult Managed Security Service Providers for print security advice

About the survey

As cyberattacks continue to increase, capitalising on the new vulnerabilities of remote working, securing the print infrastructure – across the office and home environments – must be a strategic priority.

Quocirca’s Print Security Landscape 2020 study reveals increasing concerns around the risks of printing, and declining confidence in the ability to protect the print infrastructure against security breaches. The attack surface has now expanded to encompass remote endpoints such as home printers, which may fall through the gap of traditional print security measures.

This study is based on the views of 508 IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) in the US and Europe. The report also includes detailed profiles of print security offerings from the major print manufacturers and key ISVs.

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