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Quocirca State of the Channel 2020 Survey

What will be the key trends for the office print channel? 



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The Rise Of Cloud Marketplaces

The print industry must acknowledge the power of platforms that digitally link business buyers and sellers as a disruptor to their core business. This report is based on 202 interviews with IT buyers in the UK and US, conducted in June 2021.

Quocirca COVID-19 Study Phase 4

See Quocirca’s COVID-19 Study Phase 4

Cloud Print Services 2021

Key market trends for cloud print services.

Quocirca Home Printing Trends 2021

Quocirca’s Home Printing Trends 2021 Report

Quocirca MPS Landscape, 2021

Quocirca’s MPS Landscape, 2021 study reveals that businesses are becoming more demanding of their suppliers prioritising those who can offer broader workplace, collaboration or IT services. 

The Amazon Effect

Examining the disruptive effect on a range of industries.

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Quocirca is the print industry’s leading source of independent market insight and advisory services. We provide unparalleled insight into new and emerging technologies and new business models, focusing on how industry players must adapt to changing market conditions.


Quocirca’s mission is to drive industry change by equipping our print industry and technology clients with the critical insight needed to embrace new opportunities and strengthen their competitive position.

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Quocirca offers presentations, seminars and workshops. We work with various stakeholder groups to deliver insightful commentary on the rapid evolution and convergence of the print and digital worlds.

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The Great Resignation: 6 Opportunities for MPS Providers

The Great Resignation: 6 Opportunities for MPS Providers

Organisations today risk losing their most talented employees as they face a potential employee exodus, dubbed the ‘Great Resignation’. The reality of the post-Covid world could still mean bare and empty offices if business leaders don’t let go of pre-Covid mindsets....

Print industry opportunities when the chips are down

Print industry opportunities when the chips are down

From cars to consumer electronics, the global chip shortage is disrupting supply chains and causing price rises across industries. The print industry is not immune, with printers and MFPs reliant on a multitude of chips. So, what implications does this have for an...

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