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Defining the future of print in the digital workplace, and what it means for manufacturers and their partners

Expert and actionable insight to inform business innovation and strategy

Quocirca is the leading source for independent original research, thought leadership and actionable insight to inform the strategies, product development and marketing that will enable your business to innovate and grow.

While Quocirca focuses on the impact of digital disruption on print in the future workplace, its broad knowledge of areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and digital workflow technologies helps provide a unique view of how industry players must adopt these technologies and position themselves for future success.

The foundation of Quocirca’s market intelligence is our research agenda. We provide the most comprehensive collection of analysis, opinion and advice for all print industry suppliers and technology partners. Our research agenda covers the following areas:

  • Managed print services – competitive analysis and end user research
  • Security – leadership profiles and end user insights
  • Enterprise print management
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Emerging technologies

The rigour and structure of our research gives our clients the confidence they need to rely on our opinions and advice.


Our research focuses on how industry players can embrace digital disruption to drive innovation in their products and services. Quocirca’s market intelligence services offer a mixture of qualitative and quantitative insight. Quocirca recognises that clients require strategic interpretations of data so we aim to be a long-term research partner for our clients. All subscription services offer analyst access for client specific requests and viewpoints.

Subscription services

A subscription service offers clients access to one or more programmes for one year. Within a 12-month cycle, each programme will have a set number of deliverables such as primary research studies, competitive landscape reports and analyst viewpoints. Clients have the flexibility to select specific reports which best suit business needs.

As a subscriber, you benefit from:

  • The ability to influence the design of the research topics and questions to achieve the actionable insight you need
  • The global coverage of Quocirca research covering IT decision makers across businesses of all sizes.
  • Promotion of your brand as a sponsor of the research
  • Unlimited analyst enquiry
  • Webinar discussing research findings
  • Discounts on related consultancy and presentation services

Custom research

Quocirca undertakes specialised, bespoke research projects, offering tailored analysis on specific markets, competitors and services. All research includes complimentary phone or email support.


If you’re looking for more in-depth analysis of research data, want to open up a strategic discussion, or need to educate or advise senior leaders in your business or partner businesses, talk to us about an appropriate consultative workshop or session.

These sessions are tailored to your specific needs and draw on Quocirca’s deep expertise and knowledge about the present and future of print in the digital workplace.

Speaking engagements

Quocirca regularly speaks at events to inform audiences, engage stakeholders and explain to decision-makers the powerful factors influencing the evolution of the print and digital landscape. Analysts present the results of research, offering an authoritative and compelling perspective on what it means for businesses that want to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Whether you need a keynote speaker or an expert panelist, talk to us to find out how we can educate and inspire your personnel, partners and customers.

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