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In the Spotlight with Quocirca

The definitive video podcast on digital disruption in the print industry

Join print industry leaders and Quocirca’s director, Louella Fernandes, as we will lift the lid on the key trends impacting the industry. Our ‘In the Spotlight’ podcast series will discuss how industry players must adapt to address the convergence of print and digital technologies in the hybrid workplace. We will be covering analytics, cloud, channel disruption, cybersecurity, IoT, the smart connected workplace, sustainability and more.


Thank you to the following vendors for supporting the ‘In the Spotlight’ video podcast series.


Xerox’s Reinvention Strategy

This episode sees John and Louella discuss Xerox’s reinvention strategy and John’s views on changing customer and market dynamics.

Lexmark’s Innovation Strategy

This episode sees Arjan and Louella discuss Lexmark’s strategy, sustainability approach, and future expectations as it introduces its own A3 MFP range.

Apogee – Growth through Managed IT Services

As the traditional print industry strives to meet changing customer needs, diversification and transformation are key. In this episode, Apogee CEO James Clark explains how the company has successfully made the transition into IT services.

Beyond Passwords: Identity-Centric Print Security

Louella and Will discuss how Datasec is bringing identity-native infrastructure management to the print industry. Will introduces the company’s approach towards supporting a world that is secure, but not encumbered by passwords and the risks associated with sharing secrets across an open internet.

Embracing Circularity in the Print Industry

Canon’s Peter Bragg joins Louella to talk about sustainability and how the company’s strategy has evolved. Peter explains how the company’s own environmental targets and customer demand for sustainable products and services are shaping strategic and operational activity.

How Adobe is driving print technology innovation

Mike Scrutton, director of print technology and strategy at Adobe, joins Louella to discuss Adobe’s print technology innovations and how Adobe PDF – which is now officially an ISO Standard – has been key to its driverless printing model.

Advancing Print Security with RFID

Louella and guests Mike Harris and John Villegas from ELATEC discuss how to improve print security in highly flexible, hybrid work environments, and how the print channel can develop a stronger security sales proposition.

The rise of green hushing

Steve Pearce, Group Head of Marketing at Kyocera joins Louella to talk about the phenomenon of ‘green hushing’ and why some companies lack the confidence to talk about their genuine environmental achievements.

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