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Join print industry leaders and Quocirca’s director, Louella Fernandes, as we will lift the lid on the key trends impacting the industry. Our ‘In the Spotlight’ podcast series will discuss how industry players must adapt to address the convergence of print and digital technologies in the hybrid workplace. We will be covering analytics, cloud, channel disruption, cybersecurity, IoT, the smart connected workplace, sustainability and more.


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Software innovation for the future office

As their company celebrates 30 years in the business, MyQ founders Martin Janus, Jakub Ahmadyar, and Radek Tetik join Louella to discuss opportunities in the print management sector and how the company is differentiating itself in the cloud print market.

Driving channel sustainability with HP Amplify Impact

In this episode Louella is joined by Isabella Phoenix, Channel Sustainability Director, HP.
Isabella shares the history and aims of HP’s Amplify Impact Programme and its importance to HPs overall sustainability strategy. She underlines the importance of supporting partners to use sustainability as a route to commercial success and how the current economic environment is prompting even more interest.

Disrupting the future of office printing

In this episode Louella Fernandes, Director of Quocirca, is joined by Gareth Jay, Product Marketing Director at Epson Europe. We discuss how Epson is setting out to disrupt the traditional A3 office print sector with its WorkForce Enterprise AM-Series business inkjet printers.

The role of scanning in digital transformation

In this episode of In the Spotlight with Quocirca, I am joined by Steve Chad, Customer Engagement manager at PFU (EMEA). We discuss the role of scanning as an enabler for digital transformation, the key factors driving digitisation and the opportunities for MPS providers to expand their information capture capabilities.

Forest Positive Printing with PaperCut

In this episode Louella is joined by Jamie McClunie, Marketing Manager at PaperCut. Jamie explains the value of B Corp for businesses aiming to ensure they are successful environmentally and socially as well as commercially.

Evolving Security Priorities

In this episode, Quentyn Taylor, Canon EMEA Product & Information Security and Global Incident Response Senior Director and Louella Fernandes, Director of Quocirca discuss the factors driving infosecurity today and where print security fits in. He explains how Canon is making the experience of its internal security team available to customers and highlights the role of positive user training in strengthening a company’s cyber resilience. The shift to hybrid working and deployment of zero-trust principles is also explored in light of the developments Quentyn expects to see in the cyberthreat landscape over the coming year.

Advancing sustainability through digital transformation

Sylvie Thomas, Head of Sustainability Policies & CSR for Lexmark Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA) joins Louella Fernandes director of Quocirca to discuss best practices for enhancing sustainability through digitisation.
In this episode we discuss how circular principles are being applied to the print industry. We hear about Lexmark’s holistic approach encompassing sustainable design, efficient use, responsible reuse, refurbishment and recycling. Sylvie explains Lexmark’s involvement in the C-Servees project, its approach to reverse logistics, the application of blockchain and how Lexmark is leveraging synergies between digitisation and sustainability.

Innovating the Employee Experience

In this episode Louella Fernandes, Director of Quocirca is joined by Paul Birkett, Head of Digital Services at HP to discuss software innovation and the opportunity around employee experience and engagement. Paul reveals the powerful potential of data analytics derived from managed print services (MPS) to deliver insight into employee behaviour and satisfaction, and why the industry should view data as a crucial business asset in a hybrid workplace.

Innovating in a Mature Market

In the final episode of series three of In the Spotlight with Quocirca, discover how Xerox is innovating in a mature market and creating customer value. Tracey explains how new businesses divisions focused on areas such as 3D printing, IoT and circular economy are striving to solve societal issues, while in the traditional print market security, flexibility, and resilience are key customer objectives.

Transforming print and capture to the cloud

In this episode Simon and Louella discuss Vasion’s approach print and capture transformation in the cloud. We hear how a cloud-based solution through a single platform provides flexibility and scalability, addressing CIO priorities for accelerated digital transformation.

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