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Additive Action – 3D printing as an accelerator for digital manufacturing

The briefing looks at the potential to change the way in which products are made using 3D printing, from conception to implementation and delivery. These changes will have far-reaching impacts on business ecosystems, technological convergence, and sustainability and business leaders must, therefore, have a thorough understanding of the market trends and drivers to successfully tap into the cost savings, increased flexibility, and shorter time to market these new technologies.

Mastering the Internet of Things – Report

As businesses prioritise efficiency and productivity, they are looking to technology suppliers to deliver data-driven insights and value-added services. The briefing looks at the evolution of the open, data-driven platform economy and the importance of collaboration with third party data partners to offer services that go beyond the conventional print environment. It also explores the role and capabilities of intelligent MFPs in data generation and analysis as part of the IoT and looks at how cloud and AI will influence the future of the industry.

Infographic: The State of Print Security 2019

Global Print Security 2019 reveals that SMBs and enterprises continue to be concerned about print security. The infographic illustrates the various areas of concern as organisations continue to suffer print related data loss incidents.

The Blockchain Opportunity

Quocirca’s report ‘The Blockchain Opportunity’ analyses the applications for blockchain within the print ecosystem and identifies areas of opportunity and the potential hurdles to adoption.

Quocirca Global Print Security Landscape, 2019

Quocirca’s Global Print Security Landscape, 2019 discusses the risks of unsecured printing and recommends best practices for integrating print into an overall information security strategy. It highlights some of the key offerings by print manufacturers and independent software vendors (ISVs) in the market.

Quocirca MPS Landscape Report 2018

Quocirca’s MPS Landscape Report 2018 examines the competitive landscape for managed print services (MPS) and discusses the key market drivers and trends that will shape future MPS engagements

Channels To Managed Print Services, 2018

Managed print services (MPS) are an untapped opportunity for channel organisations to extend their influence within small and mid-sized business market (SMB) where MPS can help improve productivity and efficiency and reduce costs. MPS adoption in the SMB market...

Quocirca MPS Landscape Report, 2017

Managed print services (MPS) remains a proven approach that enables businesses to acquire the skills and expertise they require to address the cost, complexity and risk of an unmanaged print infrastructure. While many MPS providers are repositioning MPS in the wider...

Public Sector: Sustainability in Action

Education and the wider public sector typically share a common ‘serving the citizen’, rather than customer oriented, approach. This generally leads to progressive attitudes towards the environment, often bolstered by government legislation and directives, with regards...

Print Security in the IoT Era

The far-reaching financial, legal and reputational implications of a data loss mean that information security is a business imperative. Safeguarding the ever-increasing volumes of valuable corporate data against unauthorised access has become integral to maintaining...

Channels to MPS in Europe, 2017

Changes in the way customers buy technology are pressurising existing channel and partner organisations’ processes and capabilities. As they increasingly target the SMB market, vendors are rethinking the ways they allocate resources to scale their channel operations....