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We help businesses within the print and related industries to innovate, grow and stay ahead of the competition in the face of rapid technological change

Trusted by the world’s leading print industry players

Quocirca is a global market insight and research firm specialising in analysing the convergence of print and digital technologies in the future workplace.

Since 2006, Quocirca has played an influential role in advising clients on major shifts in the market. Our consulting and research is at the forefront of the rapidly evolving print services and solutions market, trusted by clients who are seeking new strategies to address disruptive technologies.

Quocirca has pioneered research in many emerging market areas. More than 10 years ago we were the first to analyse the competitive global market landscape for managed print services (MPS), followed by the first global competitive review of the print security market. More recently Quocirca reinforced its leading and unique approach in the market, publishing the first study looking at the smart, connected future of print in the digital workplace. The Global Print 2025 study provides unparalleled insight into the impact of digital disruption, from both an industry executive and end-user perspective.


What makes Quocirca different?

Quocirca helps print industry leaders and their partners keep pace with the emerging and ongoing forces, trends and innovations that are shaping their industry and markets. Our original, independent market intelligence delivers actionable insight providing an essential resource for strategic planning and marketing.

All research is characterised by intellectual rigour and based on extensive primary research and industry knowledge.

Established, respected and trusted

Quocirca’s reputation as a leading independent research firm providing quality data and analysis is proven through the long-standing relationships we have built with global industry players. Clients include manufacturers, ISVs and channel organisations who trust Quocirca to supply high quality market intelligence, backed by exhaustive research and incisive analysis.

Actionable insights

Quocirca’s robust, evidence-based recommendations help print industry leaders, partners and newcomers shape strategic decisions and navigate [challenging market conditions. All research is designed to provide sound, accessible, actionable intelligence to inform decision-making at all levels.

Unrivalled industry expertise and knowledge

Quocirca offers a wealth of specialist knowledge across the connected print ecosystem. Our extensive research activities are backed up with rigorous analysis and a robust primary research programme.

Led by Louella Fernandes

Quocirca is headed by Louella Fernandes who, with more than 25 years of experience in the print industry, is recognised and respected internationally for her knowledge and unique approach.

Louella combines a belief in independent, data-led original research with an insatiable curiosity about how disruptive digital technologies — from automation to AI — are reshaping expectations of print solutions and services in the digital workplace.

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