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  • Optimising the data warehouse

    Data warehouses are struggling to keep pace with the growth of data volumes and the different types of information that organisations need to deal with. Extract, transform and load (ETL) activities on datasets can cause major issues for organisations, with growing ETL time windows impacting the capability to carry out meaningful analysis. New approaches are needed to ensure that an organisation gains the insights it needs from its data.

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  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

    An organisation has multiple stakeholders that need to be communicated with or reported to on a regular basis. Employees, partners, customers and suppliers are part of this community, alongside shareholders, trade and government bodies. Ensuring that all the stakeholders’ information needs are met requires a holistic approach to managing information – the creation of a GRC platform.

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  • The mid-market conundrum

    Mid-market organisations live or die by the quality of the applications that drive their business operations; from sales generation through supply chain management to post-sales services. Similar IT complexity to that in large enterprises has to be managed to support these, but with more limited resources. Somehow, the aspiring ‘mid-market CIO’ needs to achieve peace of mind, confident that these applications are consistently delivering the desired business outcomes.

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  • Digital identities and the open business

    Identity and access management as a driver for business growth:

    Effective identity and access management (IAM) is seen as an essential tool for enabling open interaction between a business and its users, be they consumers, employees or users that are employees of other businesses, such as partners or customers.

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  • WANspeak musings - Volume III

    Further to WAN Speak musings - Volumes I and II, more aggregated blog articles from the Quocirca team covering a range of topics.

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  • Getting to grips with expenses

    Insights, from research with 400 individuals, into the gaps between what those making business expense claims think – and the opinions of those who have to deal with the processes behind the scenes.

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  • Dealing with Cloudy Data

    Dealing with data assets in a cloud-based computing world brings many issues to the fore. Gaining control of information from the point of creation is key to a successful information management strategy.

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  • WAN Speak Musings - Volume II

    Following on from WAN Speak Musings - Volume I, this brings together the next 12 blog articles Quocirca has written for Silver Peak's WAN Speak blog site.

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  • Managed Print Services Landscape, 2013

    A vendor analysis of the global enterprise MPS market

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  • WAN Speak Musings – Volume I

    Over the last months, Quocirca has been blogging for Silver Peak System’s independent blog site, Here, the blog pieces are brought together as a single report.

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