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  • Bringing FM and IT together – Volume I

    Quocirca continued to write articles for SearchDataCenter throughout 2013, looking at how facilities management (FM) and information technology (IT) professionals were needing to work together more closely than ever. This report pulls those articles together as a two-volume set for ease of access. This is the first volume of the set.

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  • Musings on data centres – Volume 2

    2013 Continued the era of big changes for data centres. Co-location services continued to increase; cloud computing became more of a reality; “software defined” was applied to anything and everything. Keeping up to speed with the changes is difficult at the best of times – and that is why Quocirca has pulled together a set of articles written by Quocirca for ComputerWeekly throughout 2013 as a single report.

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  • WANSpeak Musings - Volume IV

    An aggregation of blog pieces written for Silver Peak, covering a range of different topics.

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  • Next-generation network access control

    Next-generation network access control (NG-NAC) systems enable organisations to not just know who and what is on their network, but also to put in place the role and device-based policy controls. The aim is to ensure devices are compliant before full or limited network access is granted by fixing configuration and security issues and then, once access is granted, maintain control and prevent on-going policy violation.

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  • Customer automation management

    Dealing with diversity: there is more to serving customers than EDI

    Suppliers have to deal with many customers, who all differ in the way they wish to interact. Automating the management of multi-format transactions benefits all parties involved in a supply chain and is only possible with intelligent systems in place. This, and the need to continually adapt and improve customer automation management, needs to be built on a strong foundation of supporting tools and services.

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  • A Sustainable Print Agenda

    A “less-paper” office based on an optimised print infrastructure can be a prime enabler for sustainability. Using intelligent print management and document workflow tools can enable organisations to significantly reduce their environmental impact while cutting costs, driving operational efficiency and improving regulatory compliance.

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  • Sourcing and integrating managed services

    Most business processes are underpinned by software applications; if the application fails the organisation suffers. Although there are plenty of choices for ensuring applications have the necessary resources to run reliably, the considerations and choices are increasingly complex. Consequently, many mid-market organisations are turning to managed service providers (MSP) with integration skills for advice and resources.

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  • Bringing System Management to Messaging & Collaboration

    Multiple fixed and mobile messaging and collaboration solutions increase the need for consolidated management.

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  • What's costing you dearly?

    The insurance sector is often very conservative, perceived as slow moving, and operates with many long established business practices and processes. However, times move on, new business models emerge, and legacy processes become inefficient. Although IT has played an important role in supporting the industry over many years, it too needs to advance or will become inflexible.

    Insurance companies might be wasting thousands of sales hours per year from poor processes and badly implemented IT, which increases costs, stifles revenue growth and adds risk. However, IT advances need to go hand-in-hand with business process improvements to ensure that organisations gain the maximimum benefit of being more flexibile, agile and efficient.

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  • Unlocking the Value of the Print Room

    To unlock the strategic value of the print room, many organisations are turning to a third party provider to manage their print rooms. This enables businesses to access the expertise, resources and technology needed to transform the print room, whilst containing costs, reducing risk and driving efficiency.

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