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  • AV security – unwelcome guests and visual oversight?

    Consumerisation and collaboration bring many positive changes to the enterprise. Employees can now use the devices they prefer.

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  • Bonding Cars and Comms

    Let’s face it: our road transport systems are jamming up – and it’s just getting worse! In order to improve transport infrastructures, the global focus is on the merger of physical transport and telecoms to optimise transport volumes, speed, accuracy as well as security, and actually reducing the

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  • 8 steps for implementing a successful print security plan

    Amidst the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, the cybersecurity threat landscape has expanded to every mobile, smart and cloud-enabled device on the network.

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  • Print Security: An imperative in the IoT era

    The far-reaching financial, legal and reputational implications of a data loss mean that information security is a business imperative.

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  • Channels to MPS in Europe, 2017

    Changes in the way customers buy technology are pressurising existing channel and partner organisations’ processes and capabilities. As they increasingly target the SMB market, vendors are rethinking the ways they allocate resources to scale their channel operations.

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  • European Perceptions, Preparedness and Strategies for IoT Security

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way business is done; it is recognised by the majority of organisations as an opportunity to improve and streamline business processes and a new way to interact with customers.

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  • The convergence of AV and IT

    Developments in both audio visual (AV) and information technology (IT) are leading to a ‘convergence’ of the two sectors. This is similar to what has already happened in other markets once open, connected and scalable internet technology became pervasive.

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  • Protecting web sites from web scrapers

    If you sell something, it makes sense that news of what you are selling spreads far and wide to attract as many buyers as possible. To this end, e-commerce sites want to be found near the top of relevant search lists and to be included on price comparison sites.

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  • Industrial IoT - SCADA gets the IP makeover

    Is it worth replacing existing industrial control and sensor systems simply because of IP? It depends on what value can be gained, but as IoT offers massive scale at a much lower cost than previously, there are new opportunities to explore beyond simple replacement.


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  • 2017 SC Magazine Awards Europe

    Bob Tarzey has been invited to join the judging panel for the 2017 SC Magazine Awards Europe, to be awarded in London on June 6th 2017. For more info and to submit and entry follow this link 


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