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  • Winning the Domain Game - The business case for a specialist DNS provider

    The domain name system (DNS) is a fundamental utility supporting the Internet, designed to link the easy-to-use names of websites and other online resources to a complex underlying system of IP addresses. However, DNS can be so much more than an address book.

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  • The ever-growing IoT attack surface

    The theme of a recent Infosecurity Europe 2017 Strategy Talk, facilitated by Quocirca, was how to limit the ability of hackers to exploit the expanding IT attack surface created by the deployment of increasing numbers of IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

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  • What is the object of file storage?

    There are three types of storage – block, file and object.  It used to be the case that the decision as to which type of storage to be used in a specific case was simple – file storage was used for, well, files; block was pretty much used for everything else.  Object storage was seen as being a s

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  • GDPR and the UK: sorting fact from fiction

    How will data protection enforcement change in the UK once the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes in to force? Will the GDPR come into force at all, with the UK planning to leave the EU?

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  • Out of the shadows – IT as a service broker

    Organisations need to balance innovation and business improvement with good governance and efficient use of IT budgets and resources. But this is not easy. Plenty of people right across the organisation think they know what IT they need and can easily go out and buy it.

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  • Public Sector: Sustainability in Action

    Education and the wider public sector typically share a common ‘serving the
    citizen’, rather than customer oriented, approach. This generally leads to
    progressive attitudes towards the environment, often bolstered by government

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  • Business Inkjet Comes of Age

    Although sustainability is climbing the business agenda, when it comes to
    printing, many are overlooking the potential environmental savings that the right
    choice of print technology can offer.

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  • Bad-bots in financial services

    These days, some automated financial services are taken for granted; automated telling machines (ATMs) or cash points have been around since the 1960s, internet banking since the 1990s. Few these days write cheques made out to cash or visit banks to make transfers.

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  • Passing the buck – who pays for IT?

    The word ‘investment’ is often put next to IT spending and budgets in order to make the costs sound palatable. Organisations want a ‘return on investment’, many try to measure it and some even succeed. But not many. Perhaps IT could be thought of as something to consume, not own?

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