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MyQ builds on its expertise to embrace AI opportunities

MyQ builds on its expertise to embrace AI opportunities

March 20, 2024
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Quocirca’s AI Adoption Trends Study 2024 reveals IT decision-makers and knowledge workers anticipate that AI will be used in areas such as print workflow automation and security management. It will eliminate the need for users to follow processes or make security decisions on document content, for example. These applications are a logical progression from the print management and workflow solutions already available, and specialists in the industry are developing innovative products accordingly.

Print and document management specialist MyQ has been using iterations of artificial intelligence for many years, with machine learning fully integrated into its flagship MyQ X and MyQ Roger solutions to manage OCR outputs. This embedded expertise has positioned the company well to capitalise on AI, and it is now focused on integrating the new generation of AI into solutions that will deliver even greater efficiencies and control for customers.

AI in customer workflow solutions

MyQ Roger, MyQ’s cloud-based smart digital workplace assistant, integrates with the HP Scan AI service. This offers advanced document processing based on AI algorithms, which handle document classification and power intelligent data extraction. The integration enables processes such as ordering and invoicing to be digitised, with process initiation requiring just a single click on a device panel. It is especially useful for organisations that continue to receive a large quantity of hard-copy documents. MyQ is seeing strong adoption in departments such as accounts and order processing.

Beyond customer workflow solutions, MyQ is also incorporating AI into its customer service programme to help customers self-serve and resolve product queries faster. After training ChatGPT on its extensive product documentation, MyQ now offers an integrated AI assistant that helps customers find the product information they need faster via an intuitive conversational interface. The AI assistant supports 95 languages and is available 24/7.

AI applications in mobile scanning

Quocirca research reveals that 61% of organisations are accelerating their paper-digital transformation initiatives. Scanning is becoming an essential element in this transition, with mobile scanning offering a fast, flexible on-ramp for hard-copy documents. Once documents are digitised, AI can be applied to accelerate the process of assimilating information and initiating the next stage in a process.

To meet this need, MyQ has integrated ChatGPT capabilities into its MyQ Roger mobile app, enabling users to scan hard-copy documents and instantly receive a short summary of their content or a quick language translation. This time-saving acceleration of insight is exactly where AI excels and will add value to knowledge workers, who can often be cautious about the perceived impact AI tools will have on their work.

AI in analytics

The rapid evolution of workplace dynamics in the past three years means it is critical that vendors and customers can analyse how MFP fleets and related devices are being used in real time. This enables predictive maintenance, device optimisation, and efficiency identification. For vendors, analysing anonymised data across thousands of deployed devices offers valuable insight into industry trends and areas for future investment in product development, marketing, or customer education.

MyQ’s AI-powered analytics offer deep insight into device usage. As expected, its global analytics base showed a dramatic drop during the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by a degree of recovery. However, the downward trend in fleet size continues as digitisation and cloud use grows and organisations consolidate devices seeking cost savings and efficiency gains.

Analytics can also support customer sustainability initiatives. MyQ X enables customers to fully understand their print environment in terms of print volumes, costs, and user print behaviour. Data is delivered into live dashboard widgets, reports, and data visualisations to allow for easy analysis. This information can be cross-referenced with device vendor data on environmental impact such as energy consumption and device carbon footprint, alongside paper use impact, to give a fuller picture of organisational impact.

MyQ X can be integrated with business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI for deep analysis, allowing businesses to identify inefficiencies and make informed decisions about printing sustainably.

AI in software development

AI will continue to disrupt how we work, and software development is a key use case. MyQ developers are starting to use code assistants and other tools to accelerate development and eliminate repetitive processes. This means the company can innovate faster and deliver new solutions to the market at pace.

Quocirca opinion

The acceleration of digitisation and strong AI adoption is a significant opportunity for MyQ. AI can be applied to solving efficiency, security, and sustainability issues within the print environment and, as more data is digitised from hard-copy documents, there will be a greater need to manage the onward journey of that data into document workflows. MyQ’s proactive approach to AI and strong heritage in machine learning position it well for the future.

Watch Quocirca’s Podcast with MyQ here.


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