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Managed Print Services Landscape, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016

This is the short version of a more detailed full report that covers each MPS vendor in detail.  The full version of the report is available for purchase - more details (including a full table of contents) are available by clicking here.

The new world of managed print services is defined by changing customer ambitions, new priorities and a different set of challenges. As a consequence, organisations are looking for more flexibility in their MPS contracts, a better roadmap for innovation and a clearer strategy for information management. This is changing the value proposition for MPS. Whilst MPS is delivering on cost-saving expectations, it must play a more important role in helping organisations realise strategic growth plans. The past year has seen significant changes in the print industry with HP, Xerox and Lexmark all undergoing changes in organisation. Although this has not impacted their market position in this year’s study, clients will be looking for a provider that can demonstrate long-term viability and stability.