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How is the print industry responding to the global pandemic?

Read our comprehensive range of research on the impact of the pandemic on home and office printing. 


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Quocirca Home Printing Study

Find out more about the printing habits of UK remote workers.

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What role will printing play in the post COVID-19 workplace?


COVID-19 has plunged many businesses into a paralysis. Some of the changes invoked may be permanent such as flexible working arrangements. So, what role will the office multifunction printer (MFP) play in this new world, where remote working is further accelerating a shift to digital technologies?

Can the COVID-19 pandemic spur innovation in the print industry channel?


Print vendors and their partners will need to steer their businesses forward by adjusting their products and services to address the changing printing and imaging needs of customers. Fortunately, many recognise that the crisis represents an opportunity for product and service innovation.

Don’t print so close to me


Quocirca’s latest snapshot Home Printing Study found that employees’ productivity levels didn’t suffer. 75% of UK home workers stated that their productivity levels stayed the same or increased, with just under half reporting increased productivity.

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