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Clarifying the business impact of technology


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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way business is done; it is recognised by the majority of organisations as an opportunity to improve and streamline business processes and a new way to interact with customers. The impact and growth of IoT has the potential to be as big as the Internet was in the 1990s with device numbers expected to at least triple by 2020. However, the large number and wide range of devices involved expands network attack surfaces and requires existing security measures to be adapted and scaled.



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Most people, when thinking of enterprise storage, will think of SAN and NAS, with a few going as far as DAS.  However, the growth of server-side storage, where specialised flash-based PCIe and M2 cards is leading to a far more complex estate of different non-volatile storage platforms.  Pulling all of these together along with using volatile storage (i.e. DIMM memory) can provide massive improvements in data performance - for little outlay.  This presentation, given by Clive Longbottom at an event with Viadex and PernixData, shows how different storage platforms are positioned in their means to adequately present data to the compute environment in terms of latency, and then looks at what is required to manage a highly complex and heterogeneous storage platform.


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Not set in concrete – tailoring IoT to the business

Tailored services and personalised advertising is great isn’t it? People and organisations are no longer bombarded by things they are not interested in or can not respond to, only those things that are relevant.

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