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Clarifying the business impact of technology


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Managed print services (MPS) remains a proven approach that enables businesses to acquire the skills and expertise they require to address the cost, complexity and risk of an unmanaged print infrastructure. While many MPS providers are repositioning MPS in the wider realm of workflow or process automation or content management, it is the minority of organisations that have embraced these broader services within their MPS engagements. However, these organisations are much more positive about the outcome of their MPS engagements.


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Many organisations see mobile applications (apps) as a great way to engage with employees, consumers and individuals from other businesses. Mobile app development has moved from being an afterthought or lightweight mobile version of a traditional application to a ‘mobile-first’ mentality.


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This presentation was delivered as part of Collaboration and Communication 2016, an annual event organised by Dennis Publishing. There were a broad range of presenters from many technology vendors, but all echoed the need to focus on people, with user experience and the impact on the business process being key requirements. The collaboration product sector is going through several significant transitions and it is clear that social media, video, mobile and the cloud have all become very important. This presentation takes a look back at how we arrived at the currnet point in the market and a look forward - occasionally tongue-in-cheek - into where collaboration is heading.


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Quocirca UK ICO Watch: GDPR fines may not be as scary as the vendors are telling you

Are you fed up with vendor scare-mongering about the challenge of complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the huge fines heading your way? UK-based organisations may be better off looking at the precedents set by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the body with responsibility for enforcing data protection in the UK. How the ICO has enforced the existing Data Protection Act (DPA) may provide guidance for the future.

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The domain name system (DNS) is a fundamental utility supporting the Internet, designed to link the easy-to-use names of websites and other online resources to a complex underlying system of IP addresses. However, DNS can be so much more than an address book.

flooding-article2At a recent roundtable event organised by Esri UK, representatives of the North Wales police for