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Clarifying the business impact of technology


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Businesses have no choice but to engage online with users from external organisations and mobile workers; that is the way the world now operates. Transacting safely and ensuring compliance rely on a high level of confidence in the data security measures that are in place. These include informed users, advanced technology and the ability to co-ordinate both security policy and incident response.


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Many in the channel are worried that cloud computing threatens their business. Cloud providers may bypass them, disintermediating the channel as they take control of the customer directly. Sales people will leave in droves as they are forced to move from large payments of commission in their pay packets to smaller portions of a longer subscription deal provided over a period of time.

However, the canny channel will embrace cloud computing and use it for what it is good for. It will enable them to gain faster time to capability and allow them to focus on where the real money is in in adding business value to their customers.

This presentation takes at look at the promise and problemso f cloud and offers a set of tips for those in the channel wanting to make the most of what cloud can do for them.

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In this short video, Clive Longbottom looks at how cloud is likely to play in an organisation's future.  In essence, cloud is just another tool in the toolbox - and will be part of the overall mix in a truly hybrid environment.


The firewall-defined boundary that used to confine an organisation’s IT assets and users has dissolved; identity has emerged as the new perimeter. This is not just a response to increased user mobility and the use of cloud-based services; it is also driven by a pervasive requirement to transact with external users.