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Printing, IoT and blockchain

Does blockchain technology hold promise for print manufacturers in the IoT world? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a world of connected devices embedded with software and network connectivity, that encompasses everything from thermostats, through to wearable devices...

HP: Reinvention for the digital future

HP Inc. faces challenging times in revitalising both its PC and printer business. Amidst declining sales and tighter margins, HP’s pillars of growth in office printing will be driven by expanding “Print-as-a-Service” offerings to increase recurring revenue and boost original supplies revenue; entrance into the A3 copier market and accelerating growth in its graphics business.

Exploiting the “Printernet” of Things

Internet of Things: Opportunities for printer manufacturers Within the next five years, the Internet of Things (IoT) market landscape is set for exponential growth. Today’s era of connected devices is the driving momentum behind the IoT. This represents a significant...