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Legal Information

Access to and use of this Internet site (the "Site") is provided subject to these terms and conditions. Please read these terms carefully, as use of the site constitutes full acceptance.

The Site provides a range of information concerning business processes and technology solutions, including without limitation views, comments and other editorial commentary (collectively, the "Information").

Although Quocirca attempts to provide Information that is useful and accurate, Quocirca cannot possibly ensure the accuracy of all of the Information at all times, and you should not rely on the Information in situations where its inaccuracy would cause you to suffer any significant loss.

The Information is provided by Quocirca "as is" and "with all faults". Quocirca makes no representations, guarantees or warranties of any kind concerning the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the Information, either express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Quocirca shall not be liable under any legal theory or circumstance for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages that may be suffered by any user of the site in connection with or as a result of the Information, regardless of how such damages may arise.

Quocirca's reports are provided under an open copyright. Quocirca allows and encourages the re-publishing and sharing of all its reports, provided that the information is not changed in any way and that Quocirca and the sponsoring ITC vendor is credited in all usage. Articles may be downloaded and reproduced for personal use, but due to existing copyright limitations between Quocirca and its media partners, republishing of such articles can only be done with Quocirca's express written permission. However, link-backs to the Quocirca site are encouraged.

Copyright: All material on this site is Copyright © Quocirca 2001-2016.

Information made available through Quocirca's site to the public can be distributed freely, provided that no changes are made to the article, document, report or presentation itself. Users may use any part of the Information within their own documents/presentations, provided that Quocirca is sourced accordingly.

All external copyrights, trademarks and service marks are acknowledged as being the property of their respective owners.