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  • WANSpeak Musings - Volume VI

    In Quocirca's continuing blogging for the WANSpeak site, this latest collection of 12 blogs takes a wander through a variety of different topics.

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  • Bridging the big data divide

    We are entering a new era of the information economy. The advent of ‘big data’, where different types and sources of data need to be brought together and analysed rapidly and effectively, means that new approaches to business analytics are required. For an organisation to gain the most from big data, the business and IT functions need to understand exactly what is needed and what can be done. This report looks at what the business needs to be saying to IT so that IT can provide the business with the capabilities it needs.

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  • Getting to grips with BYOD

    Since mobile devices have proliferated as consumer gadgets as well as business tools, individuals are not only more comfortable with technology, they have their own preferences and want to make their own choices for work as well as at home. This ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) idea started with mobile phones, especially once smartphones became widespread, but has also been quickly embraced for other devices, in particular tablets and, to a lesser extent, notebooks, laptops and PCs.

    This brings an enormous management headache for organisations, but the smart move is to recognise that the device is ultimately far less important than the applications it runs and the data it has access to. This is where attention needs to be focussed to ensure the most important enterprise assets are properly protected and secured.

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  • Data Centre Co-location: An easy decision; a difficult choice

    For many organisations, co-location is the logical way forward for hosting securing and connecting the IT infrastructure. However not all co-location providers are the same, and it is often the subtle differentiators that can make the difference between a successful or a stressful partnership.

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  • The MPS opportunity for SMBs

    Although the MPS market for SMBs is gaining maturity, there are still wide variations in how well it is achieving its expectations. With many SMBs still at the early stages of their journey, MPS has yet to make a significant impact. However, those that have moved to broader full MPS agreements are most likely to be enjoying improved productivity and reduced IT burden through more effective print management.

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  • The mid-market conundrum

    Mid-market organisations live or die by the quality of the applications that drive their business operations; from sales generation through supply chain management to post-sales services. Similar IT complexity to that in large enterprises has to be managed to support these, but with more limited resources. Somehow, the aspiring ‘mid-market CIO’ needs to achieve peace of mind, confident that these applications are consistently delivering the desired business outcomes.

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  • European Channel MPS Priorities

    Managed print services (MPS) represent an attractive opportunity for channel partners to move towards a recurring revenue business model. This marks a shift away from a traditional reliance on transactional hardware sales to a more predictable contractual approach.

    This paper examines MPS adoption amongst resellers in Europe, based on original Quocirca research, and discusses the challenges faced as they embark on their MPS journey.

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  • Getting expense management right

    Managing expenses is complicated – and requires deep knowledge and expertise. For an organisation to attempt to cover all the bases internally, it may be more expensive than it thinks.

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  • In demand: the culture of online service provision

    Providing the platforms to support on-line applications is a must for most organisations as their external and internal users increasingly expect always-on services. For those pursuing a career in IT and seeking to gain the necessary accreditations, there are higher salaries on offer; but just as important, it is an opportunity to be part of the future of IT.

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  • The adoption of cloud-based services

    We all worry about security in both our business and personal lives so it should come as little surprise that it is the top concern when it comes to the adoption of cloud-based services; this is as true for cloud enthusiasts as it is for cloud avoiders. The former stand out due to the measures they take to overcome their security concerns and the benefits they gain from doing so.

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