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  • Online domain maturity

    The overwhelming majority of organisations now transact online with their customers at some level. However, those that have to deal with the fickle and capricious nature of consumers have adapted fastest, putting in place the tools that ensure the performance and security of online services.

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  • Surviving the Expenses Nightmare

    That annual email arrives from Finance – they want to finalise the books, and part of this requires them to have all employees submit final expense claims for the year.

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  • Financing IT change

    It appears the UK is moving into a period of growth after a significant downturn following the financial markets crisis in 2008.

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  • Visual appeal - value from fostering a culture of video adoption

    Business video communications and conferencing has been around for some time and, despite becoming more affordable, reliable and a higher quality experience, its adoption is neither uniform nor universal in the same way that other forms of communication have become.

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  • Musings on data centres

    2014 ushered in yet more pain for data centre managers.  Hybrid cloud platforms started to emerge, along with converged systems.  New management tools, generally utilising ‘software defined’ constructs, arrived to further muddy the waters.

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  • The mobile print enterprise, 2015

    Mobile devices are transforming business productivity. For many, the workplace is no longer defined by the traditional office; employees are now accessing corporate applications, data, and services from multiple devices and locations every day.

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  • WAN Speak Musings - Volume VIII

    A further collection of Quocirca's blogs written for Silver Peak's WANSpeak site.

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  • WAN Speak Musings - Volume VII

    The ongoing series of Quocirca's blogs for Silver Peak's WANSpeak site includes a look at streaming analytics, the use of MDM, why your network cannot work as you expect it to (and a workaround for the problem), job title inflation at the C-Level, how technology can help to save democracy through

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  • Neither here nor there?

    Safeguarding cloud and mobile data security without undermining flexibility

    The use of mobile technologies in the enterprise has grown significantly, but complete organisational control has weakened with the rise of employees’ consumer awareness, choice, and a desire to bring your own device (BYOD).

    With a multiplicity of mobile options for both personal and business use, management of the key corporate asset – data – becomes critical. While the use of cloud based services and storage augments and complements mobile flexibility while giving enterprise IT some semblance of control, this too has been subject to ad hoc adoption and needs to be considered carefully to ensure precious data is correctly managed and secured.

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  • Channels to MPS in Europe, 2014

    A review of European channel-led managed print services programmes

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