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  • Wearables and IoT for the enterprise

    There has been a lot of hype about wearable technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it might impact consumers, but there are areas in enterprise where this innovation is already presenting new opportunitites and perhaps some new threats. Organisations of all sizes need to be taking a closer look.

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  • The Move to Cloud

    Many in the channel are worried that cloud computing threatens their business. Cloud providers may bypass them, disintermediating the channel as they take control of the customer directly. Sales people will leave in droves as they are forced to move from large payments of commission in their pay packets to smaller portions of a longer subscription deal provided over a period of time.

    However, the canny channel will embrace cloud computing and use it for what it is good for. It will enable them to gain faster time to capability and allow them to focus on where the real money is in in adding business value to their customers.

    This presentation takes at look at the promise and problemso f cloud and offers a set of tips for those in the channel wanting to make the most of what cloud can do for them.

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  • How important is your data?

    Cloud security seems to be at the top of many people's minds. Not only are there worries over the absolute security of the cloud, but after Edward Snowden's revelations, questions are being asked as to exactly where a cloud datacentre is and what access a foreign power may have to anything within it.

    This presentation takes a look at what issues you shoudl be worried about (and a few where you probably shouldn't really worry) and what offshore datacentres have to offer to provide improved levels of data security.

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  • Master of Machines

    Presentation of new research findings from a Quocirca reports: Masters of Machines: Business insight from IT operational intelligence, given on 3rd April 2014.

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  • Mobile, Social, Unified and in the Cloud

    Unified Communications is evolving to better encompass mobile and social communications. This presentation first given at Connected Business Expo 2014 looks at some of the changes occurring and the impact they might have on organisations and their strategy for making communications more effective.

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  • BYOD - who carries the can?

    Bring Your Own Device is spreading to different roles and devices types, making the task of managing harder. This presentation first given at Connected Business Expo 2014 identifies some of the things organisations should look at to help them balance the issue of control and user choice.

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  • It's more than the app...

    If all organisations were the same, they could all use exactly the same hardware and software. However, each organisation has its differences, and that requires changes to the enterprise apps to meet the organisation's needs. Just how to do this well is the key.

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  • What's holding you back

    Legacy business processes, still the root of all evil. This presentation takes a look at recent research into the insurance sector and how technology and business processes work well together, or not.

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  • Shaken, not stirred - extracting business intelligence from the cocktail of mobile, devices and the cloud

    The combination of mobile, social and the cloud brings an opportunity to analyse increasing amounts of data.

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  • The Mobile Opportunity

    Mobile technologies - especially smartphones and tablets have changed the way people work. This brings challenges to the organisation, but the concept is not going away and use is even accelerating - IT managers need to find ways to cope, and allow both users and the enterprise to get the best out of the technologies available.

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