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  • Out of the shadows – IT as a service broker

    Organisations need to balance innovation and business improvement with good governance and efficient use of IT budgets and resources. But this is not easy. Plenty of people right across the organisation think they know what IT they need and can easily go out and buy it.

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  • Public Sector: Sustainability in Action

    Education and the wider public sector typically share a common ‘serving the
    citizen’, rather than customer oriented, approach. This generally leads to
    progressive attitudes towards the environment, often bolstered by government

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  • Business Inkjet Comes of Age

    Although sustainability is climbing the business agenda, when it comes to
    printing, many are overlooking the potential environmental savings that the right
    choice of print technology can offer.

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  • Bad-bots in financial services

    These days, some automated financial services are taken for granted; automated telling machines (ATMs) or cash points have been around since the 1960s, internet banking since the 1990s. Few these days write cheques made out to cash or visit banks to make transfers.

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  • Passing the buck – who pays for IT?

    The word ‘investment’ is often put next to IT spending and budgets in order to make the costs sound palatable. Organisations want a ‘return on investment’, many try to measure it and some even succeed. But not many. Perhaps IT could be thought of as something to consume, not own?

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  • Connect, collect, analyse and activate NOW!

    There is a chill stirring in the corridors of corporate power. It’s the data driven company paradigm that is subverting the very foundations of corporate hierarchies and established divisions of labour.

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  • Masters of Machines III

    Critical IT events (CIE) are all but unavoidable for any business, regardless of how its IT systems are arranged – the average business suffers three each month.

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  • WannaCry? Not really. A report from the 11th Eskenzi PR IT Analyst and CISO Forum

    May 16th and 17th 2017 saw Eskenzi PR stage its 11th 2-day IT Security Analyst Forum, as usual, in London. The morning of the second day (which was a Wednesday) was the customary CISO (chief information security officer) roundtable.

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  • Next-Gen ECM: Operating under the ‘KISS’ principle

    Information management is not, in itself, simple.  However, attempting to train users to deal with the complexities of taxonomies, tagging, classification and so on is not a good approach.  ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ should be the way to ensure that users work with the system along the complete inf

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  • GDPR: Why print is a crucial element of endpoint security

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect on 25th May 2018, could prove to be a catalyst to change the existing haphazard approach to print security.

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