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  • Masters of Machines III

    Critical IT events (CIE) are all but unavoidable for any business, regardless of how its IT systems are arranged – the average business suffers three each month.

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  • Next-Gen ECM: Operating under the ‘KISS’ principle

    Information management is not, in itself, simple.  However, attempting to train users to deal with the complexities of taxonomies, tagging, classification and so on is not a good approach.  ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ should be the way to ensure that users work with the system along the complete inf

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  • Email security retrospection

    Keeping anything safe and secure involves multiple considerations. Avoid putting yourself in danger, put up a protective ‘shield’, detect when that is compromised, take mitigating action.

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  • Quocirca’s whistle stop tour of the GDPR

    Computer Weekly has now published Quocirca’s buyer’s guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Dealing with data under GDPR.

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  • Enterprise video is not always a conference

    Have video conferencing peaked? Not really, but video is evolving.

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  • Has video conferencing peaked?

    In some respects, it may have. But before there are panicked responses (or flaming torches and pitchforks) from many across the video vendor sector, let’s look at why this might not be an entirely bad thing.

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  • Will the real Blockchain please stand up?

    Financial institutions have invested money looking at Blockchain.  However, there are now quite a few different approaches to Blockchain-based distributed ledgers.  Which one is likely to be the best, and where will distributed ledgers play most strongly?

    Key Points:

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  • Next-Gen ECM: It’s all about the metadata

    All too often, information management is focused on the content of the information only: indexing and search are front and centre of many traditional ECM systems.  However, by focusing on metadata, so much more can be done that adds value across the business, for example through leveraging me

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  • Next-Gen ECM: Addressing organisational issues in information management

    Traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems have been primarily leveraged to manage a small sub-set of an organisation’s content.  However, with an increasing volume of electronic content and the need for strong governance, risk and compliance (GRC), it is time to move more to

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  • Winning the Domain Game

    Over the last quarter century the Internet has become a fundamental utility that businesses, governments and consumers rely on; being off-line is less and less acceptable.

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