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Where are the SD WAN companies outside North America?

By Bernt Ostergaard

Historically, the global tier-1 telecom infrastructure market has been dominated by vendors evenly spread out across the Northern Hemisphere for example Cisco, HP and Dell in the US, Nokia Networks and Ericsson in Europe and Huawei in the Far East.

However, below that level much technology innovation has come out of the US in recent years. This has supported the development of a strong tier-2 line-up, that Europe and the Far East have been hard pressed to match.

This is certainly the case with software defined WAN technology (SD-WAN), where the US tier-1 players have taken a very active part in developing the SD-WAN.

The Global SD-WAN Map

The Global SD-WAN map

So what’s happening in Europe?

In Sweden Icomera develops hardware and software for passenger Internet access on trains and planes, as well as fleet management and telematics for remote monitoring.

In Germany, Viprinet hardware and software combine the different types of access media, (ADSL, SDSL, UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, and LTE / 4G) into a single WAN access. The LAN sees these connections as one single line providing the accumulated up- and downstream of the different links even for single downloads.

What’s happening in the Far East?

In Hong Kong Peplink has developed two key WAN virtualization technologies used in its SD-WAN routers: Intelligent load balancing for Internet access and SpeedFusion VPN Bonding for secure branch to branch connectivity.

If not acquisition targets for tier-1 infrastructure vendors, these non-US players are certainly worth partnering with.

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