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Smarter, connected meeting spaces

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Why have meetings? Generally for the sharing of information leading to discussions, decisions, the allocation of actions and more often than not, the arrangement of further meetings. This process should be simple, but meetings can be a chore, so any digital media used or supporting technology needs to make it simple to incorporate, capture and share information, rather than being an additional burden.

However, from the drying up of marker pens and the popping of overhead projector bulbs right up to the fiddles of connecting an IT device to an audio-visual (AV) projector, meetings, and the facilities they depend upon, are often beset by simple problems that should so easily be preventable. 15% of an organisations collective time is spent in meetings, but a 5-minute delay in starting costs 8% of meeting time – a serious waste of precious human resources. Intelligently converging audio-visual and information technologies would provide smart connected meeting spaces, more productive meetings and better collaboration.