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Next-Gen ECM: It’s all about the metadata

Monday, May 1, 2017

All too often, information management is focused on the content of the information only: indexing and search are front and centre of many traditional ECM systems.  However, by focusing on metadata, so much more can be done that adds value across the business, for example through leveraging metadata to automate document review processes or to enable records management.

Key Points:

Metadata is data that references other data – for example, a tag that states that a certain document is ‘confidential’, that it was created in ‘2016’ or that it is part of project ‘ABC001’.  Leveraging metadata in an intelligent manner can fundamentally change how an organisation operates.

Metadata-driven information management enables more effective and efficient workflows; better decision making; enhanced corporate governance, risk and compliance (GRC); and less wasted time and effort in identifying and retrieving content.