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Masters of Machines III

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Critical IT events (CIE) are all but unavoidable for any business, regardless of how its IT systems are arranged – the average business suffers three each month. However, critical is a subjective term; the more reliant an organisation is on IT, the greater the impact of such events and the greater the pressure to resolve them. The problem is exacerbated by increasing IT complexity, including the use of hybrid cloud and on-premises infrastructure in the majority of organisations.

This Quocirca research report looks at occurrence of CIEs within mid-sized and large businesses across Europe. It examines the ultimate overall costs to both the business and the IT function. It explores how key metrics vary including mean time to repair (MTTR), root cause analysis (RCA) and the size of teams deployed to address CIEs. 

The varying nature of each CIE requires a unique team of skilled individuals to resolve each case. That team needs visibility and co-ordination to ensure it works successfully and returns systems to full functionality as soon as possible. This report concludes by looking at the role operational intelligence can play, in streamlining how CIEs are responded to and thereby reducing their impact on the IT department and the business that it serves.