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Managed print services in European and US enterprises

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Key Findings


  • Printing is no longer simply a peripheral activity. Over two thirds (67%) of respondents view printing as a strategic priority. This is particularly evident in the financial and government sectors that are still highly reliant on paper trails to support business processes. 
  • Many are wrestling with cost and security challenges: Operating a heterogeneous environment is costly and complex, and reliance on paper output brings with it security vulnerabilities. Overall 83% of respondents indicated cost as a major concern, followed by 76% who cited security challenges. 
  • Cost-reduction drives MPS adoption. The top drivers for moving to MPS in all countries surveyed were cost reduction, cost predictability and a need for IT to focus on strategic activities. In a challenging economic climate, MPS is an attractive proposition as it can reduce operational expenditure without the need for upfront capital expenditure. With many organisations moving to managed services for other aspects of their IT infrastructure, they are increasingly receptive to passing complete control of the print environment to a third party. 
  • Cost savings expectations through MPS vary. MPS providers determine potential cost savings based on a total cost of ownership (TCO) assessment of an organisation's existing printing infrastructure. Organisations had mixed expectations regarding cost savings. While almost half of financial sector respondents expect to gain savings of 30% or more, only 24% of government respondents expect to make the equivalent savings. The US is most optimistic, with 44% of organisations indicating they expect to gain savings of 30% or more, compared to just 30% of organisations in France and Germany.
  • Moving beyond office print to the print room: Only 18% of organisations with MPS use the same provider for the print room, while 28% of organisations who are planning to engage an MPS provider plan to use a single provider for both environments. UK organisations are most likely to use a single provider while US organisations are more likely to manage the print room internally or outsource to a separate supplier.
  • MPS is delivering on expectations: Those who are already using MPS are clearly more satisfied with the management, control and performance of their printing infrastructure. 91% of MPS users are satisfied or very satisfied compared to 58% of those who are considering MPS. Further, 20% of organisations that have used a printer or copier supplier indicate their provider is exceeding expectations, compared to less than 10% of those using a channel provider.