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Information and SOA

Friday, March 30, 2007


  • Data is a critical component of an organisation's IT infrastructure
    However, multiple different applications and databases contain common information, making it difficult to maintain an accurate and complete understanding of master data entities such as customers, products, and accounts.
  • Information as a Service is required to drive process efficiencies
    Organisations need to look at the creation of a capability of providing a single view of data to any application or other calling service is required
  • Master Data Management (MDM) provides a key to opening up information as a service
    MDM enables an organisation to take the common data held across and organisation and its value chains and make this a "single source of truth", providing greater data fidelity, greater responsiveness and greater capabilities for corporate governance and audit
  • Data integration and database federation still have their parts to play
    The idea behind MDM is not the creation of a single, corporate database holding every piece of data but rather to create a common set of business services to manage master data both in a master data repository, and in application databases if required. Data updates to the MDM central data store can be synchronised to all the other applications that have a copy of that master information.
  • Service Oriented Architecture principles make MDM a key component going forwards
    An SOA needs data that is available as a callable service, and MDM provides the best way to create a single callable information service that presents the common data that multiple SOA services and functions will require.

The need for data to be easily available, responsive to SOA calling services and functions, and for common data to be correct is driving the need for such data to be held centrally.  MDM provides the enabling capability to present common data as informational services, and must be a core part of any SOA project.