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Getting to know you - Building online relationships with effective identity and access management

Friday, May 29, 2015

The firewall-defined boundary that used to confine an organisation’s IT assets and users has dissolved; identity has emerged as the new perimeter. This is not just a response to increased user mobility and the use of cloud-based services; it is also driven by a pervasive requirement to transact with external users.

To rise to the challenge most organisations are rethinking the way they manage identities. A primary requirement is to be able to federate identities from multiple sources, including the directories of customer and partner organisations, and, especially when it comes to consumers, social media.

The pressing need to effectively engage with outsiders has turned identity and access management (IAM) into a business priority, which means, when the case is well made, that funds are available. Organisations that are already reliant on transacting directly with consumers online are leading the way; the laggards may have no choice but to follow.