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All mobile, still working, becoming sustainable

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Access to IT through small, smart mobile devices is becoming a key feature of most repetitive business processes. The ‘consumerisation’ of mobile technologies has driven down prices of hardware and led to massive adoption of handheld, tablet, notebook and hybrid/convertible devices at home and in the office. This introduces new challenges which need to be addressed through a more sustainable mobile strategy for the workplace.

A throwaway approach to consumer products does not work well in the enterprise where time and productivity is rapidly lost as devices change or fail. Mobile devices frequently show their fragility and the need to deal with it – cracked screens, scratches, replacements, warranties, insurance claims. The workplace needs durable and reliable tools, tailored and integrated with an ecosystem of peripherals and accessories, to perform specific business tasks. A sustainable mobile strategy extends the life of all ecosystem elements, streamlines maintenance and avoids downtime. It reduces costs and adds value to customer facing processes, while being environmentally friendly and reflective of a progressive attitude to corporate social responsibility.