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  • The 'software defined mainframe' - smoke and mirrors, or reality?

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that the mainframe's future stopped in 1981 when the PC was invented.  The trouble was that no-one told IBM, nor did they tell those who continued to buy mainframes or mainframe applications and continued to employ coders to keep putting things on the platform.

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  • A managed services model for the collaborative workplace

    Embracing the digital workplace

    An information managed service (IMS) is emerging as a key approach to enable digital transformation. Such providers are building on their traditional print heritage and evolving their offerings beyond the traditional managed print service (MPS). IMS offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to manage enterprise wide information - both paper and digital - to drive improved productivity, lower costs and better employee engagement. 

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  • Akamai takes on Distil Networks in bot control

    In an April 2015 Quocirca wrote about the problem of bad bots (web robots) that are causing more and more trouble for IT security teams (The rise and rise of bad bots - part 2 - beyond web-scraping). Bad bots are used for all sorts of activities including brute force login attempts, online ad fraud (creating false clicks), co-ordinating man-in-the-middle attacks, scanning for IT vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit and clustered as bot-nets to

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  • How's the innovation of your digital transformation going?

    I want to take a holistic look at a current paradigm shift, running a couple of ideas up your flag pole to see if you salute them.  I may be pushing the envelope, but I trust that moving you out of your comfort zone will be seen as empowering.

    Hopefully, you cringed at least twice during that introduction. The world is full of meaningless clichés, and there are two more that seem to be permeating the IT world that I would like to consign to Room 101.
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  • There's money in improving WAN connectivity to the likes of AWS, Azure and Google

    WAN capacity pains is a hot topic this year

    The global WAN infrastructure capacity debate will be a feature of the upcoming Cloud Expo Europe event in April ( And hopefully the debate will also explore the financial advantages to be gained by infrastructure providers from closer cooperation with cloud service providers.

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  • Simplifying meeting room management - the AV/IT challenge

    Can't get the projector or video conferencing working? Cables, adaptors or remotes missing? It is a common problem and it might seem like these issues get in the way of progress in most meetings, but spare a thought for those having to manage this environment.

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  • Is the outlook cloudy for the IoT?

    In a recent Quocirca research report, The many guises of the IoT (sponsored by Neustar), 37% of the UK-based enterprises surveyed said the IoT was already having a major impact on their organisation and other 45% expected there would be an

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  • The challenge of transatlantic data security

    US companies that operate in the European Union (EU) need to understand what drives European organisations when it comes to data protection. This applies to both commercial organisations that want to trade in Europe and IT suppliers that need to ensure the messaging around their products and services resound with local concerns.

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  • Connected to the mobile world, but not to the room?

    Mobile devices provide a mix of connectivity and compute power on the move for most employees, and with the huge upsurge in adoption of tablets and smartphones this personal power can be used anywhere and remotely from other colleagues. However, it is still important in most working environments to get together, share information, make decisions and assign actions - i.e. have meetings.

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  • Blue Coat, from surf control to riding the security wave

    The IT security sector is good for producing start-ups that soon disappear, seemingly without trace. Of course, this is not a bad thing. Whilst it is true some wither on the venture capital vine, many others get acquired as the good idea they came up with (or imitated) gets recognised as a necessity and then absorbed into the security mainstream though acquisition.
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