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  • Net Neutrality: Don’t Block, Tackle Instead

    European Net Neutrality Challenges Rebuffed

    Net Neutrality has landed, and is playing hardball with some European carrier service launches. Direct carrier actions to block some types of traffic on their networks, as well as indirect incentives by ‘zero-rating’ specific content and services, have led to financial penalties from government watchdogs. While there is a greater political acceptance of mergers & acquisitions among European mobile carriers, there seems to be no willingness in EU political circles to give way on net neutrality.

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  • Should everybody be on video?

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  • DevOps and the IT platform

    Historically, the development team has had a bit of a two-edged sword when it comes to their development environment.  It has tended to be separate to the production environment, so they can do whatever they want without any risk to operational systems.  The network tends to have been pretty self-enclosed as well, so they get super-fast speeds while they are working.  However, those positives are also negatives as they then find what had worked so blazingly fast in the development environment fails in the user experience stakes in the production environment

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  • How managed print services accelerates business process digitisation

    Despite the transition to a digitisation of paper workflows, many organisations are struggling to integrate paper and digital information. A recent Quocirca study amongst 210 organisations revealed that 40% of organisations plan to increase their spending on workflow automation, but that there is also much progress to be made - and it is primarily those that use a managed print service (MPS) that are most confident of their digitisation initiatives.

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  • The path to continuous delivery

    What is it that a company wants from its IT capability?  High availability?  Fast performance?  The latest technology?

    Hardly.  Although these may be artefacts of the technical platform that is implemented, what the company actually wants is a platform that adequately supports its business objectives.  The purpose of the business is to be successful - this means that its processes need to be effective and efficient.  Technology is merely what makes this possible.

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  • Video conferencing - why use it?

    What is it with video conferencing?

    The technology has been around for decades; it's been seen as an inherent part of sci-fi on film and TV over a similar period; networks from fibre to 3G have been touted as being great for it; and yet it still doesn't appear to have made the transition from unusual to everyday.

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  • Many attacks may still be random, security should not be

    With all the talk of targeted attacks, it easy to lose sight of the fact that for the majority of us, especially in our lives as consumers, random malware is still the greatest danger. Random malware is distributed en masse, by whatever means, in the hope it will find its way onto the most vulnerable of devices. A targeted attack on the other hand, means it is you and/or your organisation, which an attacker specifically wants to penetrate, however that might be achieved.

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  • Securing virtual infrastructure

    When considering the security of virtual environments, it helps to point out where in the virtual stack the discussion is alluding to. There are two basic levels, the virtual platform itself and the virtual machines (VM) and associated applications deployed on such platforms. This is the first of two Quocirca blog posts aimed to provide some high level clarity regarding security in a virtual world, starting with the platform itself.


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  • Think-again Tuesday?

    How did your web site stand up on Black-Friday and Cyber-Monday (Nov 28th and Dec 1st 2014)? These were expected to be the most frenetic online shopping days of the year. Whether you are an online retailer or processing the payments generated, if you were able to maintain a good customer experience and complete transactions on these busiest of days, hopefully the rest of the year was a cake walk!


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  • Car ownership - a dying thing?

    At a recent BMC event, CEO and Chairman Bob Beauchamp stood on stage and gave a view on how the rise of the autonomous car could result in major changes in many different areas.

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