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  • The rise of digital natives and their enthusiasm for cloud services


    Two years ago Quocirca published a research report, The Adoption of Cloud-based Services, which looked at the attitude Europe organisations had to the use of public cloud platforms (sponsored by CA Inc). The research showed two extremes, among

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  • The new Sage - does it know its onions?

    The herb Sage has a Latin name of Salvia Officinalis - Salvia coming from the Latin for 'well' or 'unharmed'. 

    Sage, the UK-based company famous for its accounting software, seems to have been living up to its name.  Even with a raft of new on-line competitors, Sage's revenues have been relatively steady, as have profits (barring 2013, where a swathe of non-core assets were disposed of, including Interact - Sage's bad incursion into full customer relationship management (CRM) software of ACT! and SalesLogix).

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  • Confidence in data security part 2 - Weak links - the info supply chain

    A previous blog post, Room for improvement, showed that organisations which invest in user education, advanced technologies and the ability to co-ordinate both security policy and incident response, improved their confidence in data security. All well and good, but what does this do for an organisation other than help prove it is able to meet various regulatory requirements?

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  • Do simple single function consumer wearable devices have a future or are they just a passing fad?

    The current market driver for wearables appears to be fitness applications and there are plenty of fitness devices already on the market with new entrants popping up all the time.

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  • Securing the Internet of Things - time for another look at Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)?

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad area that is attracting much discussion. Wikipedia starts its IoT definition as follows: 'the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable objects to exchange data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices....' Such capabilities are nothing new. However, three things are happening that drive the current discussion:
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  • Half of large enterprises plan to increase spending on managed print services

    The managed print services market continues to gain momentum as enterprises seek to tackle escalating print costs and drive greater business efficiency. The market is relatively buoyant with 51% of organisations (either already using or planning to use MPS) indicating they plan to increase expenditure on MPS over the next year.  The market is characterised by a tightly packed group of leaders: Xerox, HP, Ricoh, Lexmark and Canon.

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  • Confidence in data security part 1 - Room for improvement

    It will not come as a surprise to many that UK enterprises could do more to improve their confidence in data security. Security managers know this, but often struggle to get the funds they need. The first of three 2015 Quocirca research reports quantifies the business benefits of a range of measures in building confidence in data security that help make the case for investment.

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  • Making the most of data: making data more open

    A while back, I published an article on the use of open data sets, covering some of the things that were already being done and what may be possible in the near- to mid-term.  After this was published, David Patterson of KnowNow Information (KnowNow) got in touch to ask to meet up to discuss what his company has been up to in this space.

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  • Is your identity and access management fit for purpose?

    In the old days, identity and access management (IAM) was a mainly internal affair; employees accessing applications, all safely behind a firewall. OK, perhaps the odd remote user, but they tunnelled in using a VPN and, to all intents and purposes, they were brought inside the firewall. Those days are long gone.


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  • Simple security in the mobile 'jungle'

    Last month's 8th annual IT Security Analyst & CISO (chief info security officer) Forum organised and hosted by Eskenzi PR brought together a fascinating combination of those in charge of securing household names in the insurance, banking, accounting, pharmaceuticals and media v

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