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  • The network is becoming software defined

    When John Gage of Sun Microsystems coined the term ‘the network is the computer’ in 1984, it seemed to effectively sum up the distributed computing paradigm that was overhauling the old world of mainframes and minicomputers. For long enough it looked pretty accurate, so much so that Cisco tweaked it a little further although less formally into ‘the network is the platform’.

    But is it still true? Perhaps not

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  • Lexmark's ECM Play Reaps Rewards

    Since its $280 million acquisition of Perceptive Software in 2010, Lexmark has been working hard to re-position itself, transitioning from its traditional printing roots to a provider of business process automation solutions.

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  • The mid-market conundrum: How do smaller companies get their tech supplier to care?

    Finding the right outsourcing partner is a challenge for all businesses, especially smaller ones.

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  • HP Keeps Print Relevant

    There is a continual need for printer vendors to innovate and ensure their products remain relevant in today’s fast evolving mobile and digital world. At its recent press and analyst event in Barcelona, HP’s Printing and Personal Systems Group (PPS) discussed the “New Style of IT” and how it is addressing the shift in IT landscape that embraces mobile, social, cloud and big data. HP’s announcements relating to mobile printing and digital workflow aim to improve the mobile print experience as well as drive productivity improvements through digitising paper-based workflows, as more businesses operate in a hybrid environment of paper and digital documents.

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  • Next generation MPS - from Big Paper to Big Data

    Paper-based information is not often thought about in today’s Big Data picture, yet paper documents are an important part of corporate business operations, often containing valuable information that must be captured, stored, organised and analysed.

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  • Industry Mopria alliance looks to boost mobile print adoption

    Whilst various industry estimates claim that mobility increase productivity by anywhere up to 40%, printing is often a forgotten part of the equation, and many today still need and want to print.

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  • Managing the software assets of an organisation

    Software assets can be costly if left unmanaged. Software asset management tools are becoming increasingly functional - and organisations should look at how best to use them now.

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  • Smart mobile devices plus smart BI leads to smarter decisions

    The IT industry has long promised to deliver “information at your fingertips”, but sadly often falls well short in several respects; quality, relevance and timeliness.

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  • Coverage and reliability at the wireless edge

    With the latest round of 4G rollouts now taking shape across the UK, many living in or travelling through more remote and rural parts will once again be wondering about coverage and reliability of signal.

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  • Mobile Mandelbrot – set in our ways?

    The ever-decreasing circles of technology miniaturisation are not quite taking us down the roads followed by Star Trek or Dick Tracey. Sure we have the smart and small communicators and gadgets, and a cloud of networks and services, but we still rely on many old concepts. Tablets and smartphones are all well and good, but you still need a desktop or notebook PC to do real work – at least that’s what some say.

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